National Water Infrastructure Development Fund

National Water Infrastructure Development Fund

The National Water Infrastructure Development Fund (the fund) implements the Australian Government’s commitment to start the detailed planning necessary to build or augment existing water infrastructure, including dams, pipelines or managed aquifer recharge. This will help secure the nation’s water supplies and deliver regional economic development benefits for Australia, while also protecting our environment.

The fund was announced in the White Paper on Developing Northern Australia and the Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper.


The CSIRO is also undertaking further investigations into the potential of northern Australia’s water resources to support increased regional development.

They have been engaged by the Australian Government to undertake and deliver water resource assessments for three priority regions in northern Australia. They are working with northern jurisdictions, research partners and communities to undertake these assessments over the next three years.

The Assessment focuses on the:

  • Fitzroy catchment, Western Australia
  • Darwin catchments (Finniss, Adelaide, Mary, Wildman), Northern Territory)
  • Mitchell catchment, Queensland.

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