About Us


The Northern RDA Alliance (NRDAA) is comprised of eight Regional Development Australia Committees whose regions make up Northern Australia.  This network, representing three jurisdictions from the Gascoyne in Western Australia across the Northern Territory to Gladstone in Central Queensland, has been meeting regularly and providing input to the Australian Government on issues pertaining to Developing Northern Australia. This has included the development of the White Paper on Developing Northern Australia and the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility.



Our aim is to –

  1. support economic development policies
  2. support the identification and prioritisation of investment opportunities
  3. support the sustainable development of Northern Australia

Key points about RDA’s in the Alliance:

  • All independent, apolitical, not for profit organisations.
  • Funded by the Australia Government to deliver regional economic development activities and outcomes.
  • Willing to facilitate activities across government boundaries and portfolios.

  • Flexible, adaptive, efficient and effective at delivering new initiatives.
  • Committee members and staff have been appointed on the basis of their extensive networks across governments, industry and communities.
  • RDAs have regularly contributed to regional planning in partnership with key stakeholders.

  • Have on-the-ground knowledge of how to facilitate and advocate for outcomes in Northern Australia.