Exploring for the Future – Minerals, Energy, Groundwater

Exploring for the Future is a new $100.5 million initiative by the Australian Government that aims to boost Australia’s attractiveness as a destination for investment in resource exploration.

Australia is fortunate to be rich in natural resources, including minerals, energy and groundwater. These resources are essential for life and the sustainable development of our society. They are also a foundation for the economic successes that our country has enjoyed for decades. It is therefore vital that we encourage and support commercial exploration activities to maintain a healthy supply of mineral, energy and groundwater resources into the future. Exploring for the Future seeks to do that.

Northern Australia comprises approximately 50 per cent of the country. The programme also investigates a small area in South Australia.

This four-year programme focusses on northern Australia. As highlighted in the Australian Government’s White Paper on Developing northern Australia, this under-explored region offers enormous potential for industry development and is advantageously close to major global markets.

Exploring the future – Information Brochure

Visit Geoscience Australia for more information.

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