CSIRO – Transport Across Northern Australia

CSIRO’s TraNSIT (Transport Network Strategic Investment Tool) analyses transport and logistics options for agriculture to identify potential cost savings.

Agriculture supply chains in Australia are often characterised by transport distances of over 1000 km between production, processing and markets, with transport costs accounting for up to 40 per cent of the market price.

While infrastructure investment and policy changes can reduce costs across agricultural enterprises, it has not been possible to evaluate the whole system to ensure that infrastructure investment maximises whole of industry productivity.


CSIRO developed TraNSIT to analyse both small and large scale investments in the agriculture supply chain, with current applications covering almost all Australian agricultural logistics.

CSIRO recently applied TraNSIT to inform the Federal Government’s $100 million Northern Australia Beef Roads Programme and maximise transport cost savings in beef supply chains across the north.

They are currently applying TraNSIT to broader Australia-wide agriculture transport, comprising more than 25 commodities, as part of the Government’s Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper.

TraNSIT Beef Roads Report

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